From hundreds of satisfied residential clients over 39 years, we offer the following sample


Fleenor Residence

Lynch Canyon Rd, San Luis Obispo County (Lake Nacimiento)                              

6000 sf Victorian Farmhouse


McKenna Residence                                  

Kauai, HI (Kekaha Beach)

2200 sf Traditional Hawaiian Plantation Style


Spillane Residence                                       

Harvest Way, Santa Margarita, CA

5500 sf Early California Spanish Style


Dudley  Residence                                       

Twin Oaks, Santa Margarita, CA                                

6500 sf 1920’s Spanish Eclectic Style


Koenig Residence                                         

Hischier Lane, Arroyo Grande, CA                                   

6000 sf  Contemporary Country French style


Bardfield Residence                                    

Woodcrest Trail, Mammoth Lakes, CA                             

4400 sf Rustic Mountain Cabin Style


McCoy Residence                                         

Rocking K, Bishop, CA

4000 sf Spanish Ranch Style


McKenna Remodel                                      

Pleasant Lane, Arroyo Grande, CA                                 

1800 sf kitchen & living space remodel


Masters Residence                                    

Sunset Drive, Bishop, CA

3800 sf French Eclectic


Clark Residence                                            

Windsor Blvd, Cambria, CA

4000 sf Oceanfront Contemporary remodel & addition


Claypool Residence                                     

Coast View Drive, Arroyo Grande, CA

5000 sf Contemporary Ranch


Famularo Residence                                                

Beachcomber Drive, Shell Beach, CA

3800 sf Spanish Contemporary


McGee  Residence                                        

Juniper  Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA

5800 sf Rustic Mountain Cabin Style


Guiton Residence                                         

Strand  Way, Oceano, CA

3500 sf Oceanfront  Contemporary


Kitto Residence                                           

Dove Court, Arroyo Grande, CA

5000 sf French Country


Kundaria Residence                                   

Falcon Crest Drive, Arroyo Grande, CA

6500 sf Spanish Eclectic & indoor swimming pool


Swain Residence                                           

Tiffany Ranch Rd, San Luis Obispo County, CA

4900 sf Spanish Contemporary


Ventura Residence                                      

Coast View Drive, Arroyo Grande, CA

3700 sf Contemporary Ranch, Tennis Court and associated structures


Zukowski Residence                                   

Bee Canyon, Arroyo Grande, CA

3600 sf residence Prairie Contemporary